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Cruise & Meet Rules Empty Cruise & Meet Rules

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 01, 2010 6:30 am

This may seem long winded, but please take the time to read it!

Cruise Code of Conduct

If you attend a cruise, you are automatically bound to these guidelines.

To ensure the safety of Forum members and other road users, we are bringing into effect (and enforcing) a set of guidelines for safe and enjoyable cruising.

Definition of CRUISE - to move about without precise destination; in
motoring and aviation, to go at a normal operating speed,
this does not mean a RACE or a chance to act in an illegal manner..

1) In a large group Parking lights (during the day) should be turned on so that we can tell if you
are with us, or if the car ahead/behind is with the group or not.
If you leave the cruise, turn your lights off so that people don’t follow you.

2) Do not pass the designated pace car.
The pace car and the car will lead in order to keep the group together.
Do not speed to catch up to the front group of cars, they will wait.

3) Members will not engage in behaviour that is in any way threatening or harmful to others. (In or out of the vehicles)

4) Burnouts or ‘accidental loss of traction’ will not be tolerated.
(This includes gravel surfaces, which may cause damage to other peoples cars)

5) Dragging is strictly for the race-track

6) Members will obey road laws at all times.
This includes:
· Line markings,
· Speed limits,
· Traffic lights,
· Pedestrian lights,
· Boom gates,
· Stop/ no U-turn /no right turn/ give-way signs etc.
· Parking signs

7) If you are found to be acting in an unsafe manner, you will be warned.
If you continue to behave in an unsafe manner, your actions will be noted and you will be asked to stop attending cruises, and your actions may be reported to the police.

Remember you are representing the Forum, even when you are not participating in events, and are expected to conduct yourself in a safe and orderly manner at all times.
If this is a problem for you, then please don’t attend our events.
Any reports we receive from the general public of Forum members acting irresponsibly will be taken very seriously, and will be dealt with accordingly.


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