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Do's and Dont's Empty Do's and Dont's

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 01, 2009 6:45 am

Please feel free to use this site and join in with discusions. A couple of things with this site is that I will not tolerate abuse, baiting or running down other Members. I have the right to delete any post without warning or contacting the member of me doing so. If you dont want to abide by my rules dont join. I will ban or delete members accounts if they do not abide by the rules. Any mention in post of illegal activity eg (Street Drag racing, Burn outs) will be deleted, I do not condone any Hoon behavour, take it to the race track.


Have Fun
Meet new people

Abuse others
Be-little others rides
Post about illegal activities
Bag our Local police force

This info will be updated and added to if needed.


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